Since my Nook is about to be upgraded (or hopefully will already be upgraded by the time you read this!) I have been going through to make sure I’ve read all (most) of the books that I have on there.  Two of the books are Harry Potter Related, supplemental material that JK Rowling had written and decided to release.  (I think there is at least one more I still need to try and read – Quidditch Through the Ages)

The first one I read was Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  I have to say, I can see why Ron and Harry were always so annoyed with their classes.  The book is a bit on the boring side 😉  However, the book that YOU get to read was actually Harry’s book (borrowed by Ron) so they have written in little notes here and there. If you’ve read all the books (or even just seen all the movies) this is a short book and I think you’ll find the side notes from Ron and Harry quite funny.

The second one was The Tales of Beedle the Bard which is translated by Hermione Granger and extensive commentary from Dumbledore.  Since the book is written for wizards and not muggles who have ended up reading it due to Harry Potter, there are some notes in there to help you figure out what everything means.  Since us muggles don’t know anything about the wizarding world, it makes it a bit easier to follow along! 😉

These books are both rather short and as they are geared towards the younger crowd, aren’t too difficult to knock out in an hour or so (my favorites!)  If you are a fan of Harry Potter in any capacity, but definitely if you have read the series,   think that you will enjoy these books!


I was not asked to write this review, I just read and enjoyed the books and decided to share!

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