Hasbro has come out with a line of keychain sized versions of some of their most memorable board games including Monopoly, Life, Clue and Ouija.  Wholesale Keychain recently sent me the Ouija Game Keychain to try out.

I’ll be honest, Ouija boards freak me out a bit.  If you are not familiar with Ouija boards, they have all the letters of the alphabet, numbers, yes, no and goodbye listed on them.  Using a “message indicator” (or in the keychain’s case, a mini message indicator) a spirit sends you a message by spelling it out and moving the indicator over the letters.  My grandmother had a large version we used to play with as kids and while I am pretty sure it was probably my cousin moving the indicator and not a spirit, the whole thought of talking to spirits is a bit weird, though fascinating at the same time.

Now, you’re probably thinking – how can a keychain have an indicator? Won’t it get lost? And, yes, you’re right.  Except that with this keychain there is a drawer that holds the indicator when the board is not in use.  I found the drawer to be incredibly secure – so much so that at first I had trouble opening it to get the indicator out of it!  Even with keys bouncing around in my purse or when it is hanging from my keys as I drive my car, the drawer has not expectantly popped open. (And if it did, well, then I would just think that a spirit REALLY had a message to give me!)

The board also glows in the dark – which allows it to be spooky fun even in the dark (especially during a power outage when you have no option to turn the lights on if you’re friends are freaked out!)  It is also lightweight so you don’t have to worry about it weighing down your pocket or purse if you attach it to your keys to keep you entertained when you’re on the go!
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