I’m honestly not sure if these are my July or August stickers. I requested July 9th or thereabouts and nothing showed up. I requested again on August 10. Based on what stickers I got last time they arrived, I am led to believe these are July.. but who really knows for sure.. not me!

This batch of stickers includes:

The Voice – Blake Shelton
The Voice – Cee Lo Green
David Cook Fan
David Cook The Last Goodbye
David Cook The Last Goodbye Video
The Hangover Part II – Stu
The Hangover Part II – Doug
The Hangover Part II – Phil
Ryan Seacrest
Randy Jackson
Jennifer Lopez
Top 5 Idol Results
Top 4 Idol Results
Top 3 Idol Results
Top 2 Idol Results
Glee – Prom Queen
Night Owl
Glee – Funeral
Glee – New York

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