I LOVE the Pillsbury Doughboy!  Recently I found out that a dozen or so doughboys did a flash mob at Union Station! (The one in Chicago. What are the chances they’ll do this at the one in DC this weekend when I am there? I want to see a Doughboy in person!)

The reason for the flash mob was to promote Pillsbury Grands Breakfast Sandwiches.

Pillsbury Grands! Biscuit Sandwiches and Pillsbury Egg Scrambles heat up in minutes in the microwave and are available in your grocer’s freezer.  Made with quality ingredients like real egg, tasty meat, cheese, Grants! Biscuits and Green Giant vegetables, this new line of quick and delicious frozen breakfast dishes comes in six flavorful choices:

Sausage & Cheese Biscuit Sandwich

Bacon & Cheese Biscuit Sandwich

Ham & Veggies Biscuit Sandwich

Bacon & Veggies Egg Scrambles

Sausage Egg Scrambles
Sausage & Veggies Egg Scrambles

So what are you waiting for? Head over to www.facebook.com/pillsbury to “Like” the brand and learn more about Frozen Pillsbury Grands! Biscuit Sandwiches and Pillsbury Egg Scrambles.

I received information about this promotion from Pillsbury through MyBlogSpark. I was not compensated for this post, it was just something I wanted to share with my readers.