When I had my blackberry curve, I had an extra battery that I would keep charged and keep in my purse and then if I was out and about for the day and the first battery was low, I could switch it out.  This came in handy on concert days or days I took a trip in to NYC as usually the battery was dead by the train ride home. (Too much twitter use!)

When I got my blackberry torch, I once again bought a replacement battery before I headed out to Tulsa in May – to make sure I could keep in touch with anyone at any time since I’d be traveling and didn’t know how many opportunities I’d have to charge my phone during my trip. However, blackberry seems to be against me in this and there is a little adapter I need to put both batteries in and wait for the green light to light and then I can switch batteries.  I don’t know exactly what this little green light does, but without it, I have a battery with a red X through it, and a phone that has no use to me except for maybe as a paperweight.

It is a bit of a pain in the butt to do this when switching out batteries – but it is even MORE of a pain in the butt when the X battery shows up *every* time I need to reboot due to an upgrade.  I recently did the recommended software update and it took hours because I had to keep taking the battery out, letting the green light go on, putting it back in, letting it do its thing… then it would reboot and I’d have to do the process all over again!

It seems like if I go from new to old, I don’t need the green light but if I go from old to new then I do.  I am not sure the purpose of this at all and if anyone knows and could explain it to me I would greatly appreciate it because at least if I got a good reason for why I needed to do this – it wouldn’t seem like such a hassle!

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