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Post contributed by Noah Schmidt

I really wish my house was more technologically advanced. Some of my friends have surround sound which I can’t really afford but on top of that, James hasĀ directtv HD package on his satellite and so he’s got about a million more channels than me. I would love so much to come home and watch TV to relax but the only channels I get are PBS and the news which are totally boring. I wish I got Bravo because they’re always talking about all the reality shows on there and I especially wish I had more football channels to take advantage of this time of year. I’m really big into sports and I would give my right arm for a total outdoor setup with a big grill, a weatherproof TV and surround sound. I’d love to have my friends over to watch a game but as of now they wouldn’t get much joy out of watching it on my little dinky TV. The problem is that I don’t know much about technology so maybe I should start there!

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