Last night we found out who from Adam and Cee Lo’s team would be advancing.  It was kind of strange because all of them had to prepare a song for this week, but 4 of them ended up going home and didn’t get to perform it.  This is probably why there will be a results show on tomorrow and a finale results show next week.

From Team Cee Lo, America saved Vicci.  Cee Lo saved Nakia.  My picks are 6 for 6.  From Team Adam, America saved Javier and Adam shocked me by saving Casey.  What?!  Although 7 for 8 with my picks ain’t bad 😉

Up first  from Team Christina was Frenchie who sang Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” I thought she did really well with it.

Nakia did Adam Lambert’s “Whatya Want From Me” and slowed it down a bit.  Adam (Levine) said he had never heard the song before.  Apparently Adam doesn’t listen to the radio… ever.

Dia sang REM’s “Losing My Religion” and was great.

Casey butchered I Will Always Love You.  Really not sure why she is in the competition but at least it is less competition for Javier!

Beverly sang The Thrill Is Gone and did really well with it, but I still think I prefer Frenchie over Beverly.

Javier did an amazing rendition of Coldplay’s Fix You and he took off his hat! *gasp*!

Xenia did The Script’s The Man Who Can’t Be Moved and once again Adam didn’t know the song.

Vicci closed out the show with a very high energy performance of Florence and the Machine’s Dog Days Are Over.

Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera debuted their new song “Moves like Jagger” and Blake Shelton performed his latest single, “Honey Bee” and was joined by Dia and Xenia.

Voting closed at 10am this morning… I got in 10 votes for Frenchie, Vicci, Javier and Xenia via, 10 call in votes for Javier and an iTunes vote for Javier and Vicci. One from each team will move on during tonight’s live show.  The coaches got 100 points to split between their team and America’s votes will be weighed the same as the coaches.

It will be interesting to see if America chooses the same 4 to advance as they did in the earlier rounds.  I am thinking that they will, but I’m not sure if they will tell us who specifically America picked or if we’ll just know the grand total with the coaches votes as well.  My picks are Vicci from Team Cee Lo, Javier from Team Adam, Frenchie from Team Christina and Xenia from Team Blake (although Team Blake was the hardest for me to choose, so I wouldn’t mind if Dia made it through instead)

Next week is the finale of the show!  I’m sad that it kind of went so quickly once we got in to the live performance rounds!

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