Last night was part one of The Voice finale.  In addition to the final 4 singing original songs, they also did a duet with their coaches.  The 4 coaches performed “Under Pressure” together and we also got performances by Pitbull w/ Ny-Yo and Brad Paisley who was joined by Blake Shelton.

The voting window has just ended (with the results show the next night the voting window has changed from the end of the show to 10am EST – which kind of stinks as part of the appeal to the show originally was having such a HUGE window for those who might watch later on DVR) and the winner will be announced tonight at 8pm EST.

All of the original songs were great – though I have to say that I enjoyed Javier and Beverly’s the best.  Hearing Dia’s every breath got annoying during her song and Vicci’s performance had spots that were off to me.

The duets were also pretty cool too. Dia and Blake sang Tom Petty, Christina and Beverly sang Christina’s song Beautiful, Adam and Javier did a great rendition of Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror and Cee Lo and Vicci did quite an interesting performance for Love is a Battlefield.  I ended up buying all 4 duets on iTunes because they were ALL awesome (and none of those purchases counted as votes lol)

It was also announced that the Top 8 would be going on tour.  There are only 6 dates, but fortunately one is in Connecticut! (Probably thanks to Javier!) Tickets are on sale now and VIP packages are available through I Love All Access which include a M&G with all 8 contestants.  I managed to get 3rd row seats despite not knowing they were on sale until Carson said so and I am very excited to see the top 8 🙂

I have been watching the twitter numbers, and if that is any indication – Dia will win. She already had a pretty big following before the show so if they all vote for her, there should be no contest.  However, Javier is slowly catching up to her numbers so I guess it really depends on how devoted everyone is.  I have voted on every email address I can remember for Javier 10x each, called 10x from my phone (I had access to more phones last night but unfortunately his line was busy!) and I purchased his single on iTunes 4 times – which brings me to the giveaway.

I have 3 “Gift” versions of Javier’s original song Stitch by Stitch to give away.  1 will be given away here on the blog, 1 on twitter and 1 on Facebook so make sure that you are following me everywhere so you don’t miss out.  All 3 will be given away at some point today.

If you are the first to reply with your email address, you will be sent the download code.   It is ok to disguise your email from spammers, for example – blog AT concertkatie DOT com.

These songs were purchased on the USA version of iTunes so I believe that you have to be living in the USA in order to redeem them.

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