Saturday night I headed down to Fairfield to see one of my favorite bands, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers (SK6ers) perform at one of my favorite venues – The Fairfield Theater. This was my 22nd time seeing them perform and as usual they did not disappoint.

The opening act was Dennis Crommett. I liked that he told stories between his songs about how they were written and stuff like that. I am not sure why, but that kind of thing interests me. Probably because it just fascinates me that he can be like “That song mentioned rocks because I wrote it out on the rocks” whereas if I was out on a rock… I don’t think I could write anything that would even closely resemble a song!

Then it was time for the SK6ers! I just love how much emotion Stephen puts into his music – his songs are for the most part about his friends, family and life experience and you can see the emotion in his face when he performs them all as well. He totally wears his emotions on his sleeve and it just makes the performances that much better because of it. (Although at one point he said the label asked him to write more songs with less specific names and dates in them – I hope that he doesn’t stop doing that because all of his songs kind of tell his life story and family history in a way, which is really cool. But since he said “And this next song is called 1993”, I’m not sure he’ll ever stop doing it…)

I could see 2 of his 3 daughters off to the side, they are adorable. Dennis called SK6ers on the stage for a song and one of the girls was yelling “Daddy!”, it was cute. Then Stephen said they had hired dancers for one of their songs and the 2 older girls came out to direct us on the dance moves for Big Easy. Adorable, and when it was not time for the chorus dancing they were doing a bit of some sort of an Irish jig. I am not sure the moment could have gotten any cuter!
The band ended up doing 2 encores. And I could tell Stephen was so proud that we gave them a standing ovation both times. We even got to pick what the final song would be – 2 or 3 different songs were getting screamed out and one of them was the one that they played.

At the end, Stephen’s pick went flying but landed in front of me – or so I thought. I ended up spotting it on a chair but girls were near it and I wanted to hang around to grab it when the girls behind me told me there was a pick between my feet! I grabbed that one – though I’m not sure yet whose it was (Ill figure it out eventually) and one of my friends went back to the seat after the girls left and Stephen’s pick was still there so she got that one. I am pretty sure that is the first time that a pick has ever landed that close to me AND I ended up getting it!

Father’s Day
Sweet Sophia
Start The Day Early
See Yourself
Big Easy
Such a Way
The Bear
See You Later, See You Soon
Quotes w/ Stephen
Stories We Could Tell
In Front Of The World
Shady Esperanto and the Young Hearts
Uninspired Gambling

Fourth of July
Curtain Call

Oh Adeline

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