I spent the weekend in Harbor National, MD. We stayed at the very fancy Gaylord National for the night. I decided to share a few photos from the area!

This was the view from our hotel room.  There are a lot of restaurants, other hotels and parking garages.

Another view from the room.  You can see the Washington Monument!

We went to the Gelateria for Gelato for breakfast.  Breakfast of Champions 😉  I got Reese’s and Vanilla. Though I probably should have went with something other than vanilla like peanut butter or chocolate… since the Reeses was vanilla based.  Oh well, next time!

When my friend went down the stairs to check on where the Gelato was, she yelled up “THERE IS A PEEPS STORE” so of course we had to check it out – they even had a scrapbook kit.  I opted to just get some stickers instead of the whole kit though lol

This kind of freaked us out – so we didn’t get much closer.  Turns out, in addition to the arm there is actually a whole body emerging from the sand.  The sculpture is called “The Awakening”  I can only imagine what our reaction would have been when we realized there was a whole giant dude down there lol
Gaylord National, where we spent the night.  The glass is giving a view to the atrium, which has little houses/shops inside.  Very fancy and cool looking!

Cadillac Ranch is where we went for dinner.  First we were told that we’d have to wait 40 minutes.  So we went for a walk to CVS to pick up some snacks for later / the car ride home.  About 15 minutes later I noticed the buzzer was buzzing so we walked as fast as we could (which for me, is not that fast) back up the block or so to the restaurant.  We were informed by the snooty hostess that “they had no response” when they paged us so they gave the table to someone else so we’d have to wait for another one to open up.  (I didn’t realize you could respond from those pagers, are they walkie talkies? And there was no room at the restaurant to wait – and why would we stand around for 40 minutes when we could be exploring?)  Then when a table was ready the girl who was seating us walked to the table so fast she completely left us in her dust.  However, once our waitress took our order I’d have to say the night did turn out alright.  The food was good and our waitress was nice aside from the fact that she did take a bit to finally take our order.