Sunday night Honor Society took their “Wherever You Are” Tour to the Gramercy Theater in New York City.  The show was oversold by at least 50 tickets and was a huge hometown crowd!  Opening was I Love Monsters (also from NYC), Katelyn Tarver and Action Item (from NJ).

Things got started out a bit late – the M&G was supposed to go in at 3pm but ended up going in at 3:30, which then pushed doors back and of course the venue staff really had no idea what was going on. (but what else is new?)  However, the show did not start late – I Love Monsters went on while there were still people outside (and lots of them).

Things got delayed again when checking the equipment before Katelyn and Action Item’s sets went a little bit long.  I think Action Item’s set may have even been cut a bit short to make sure that Honor Society had ample time to perform.

Honor Society’s set started out similar to the MA show on Friday, but they added in “Sing For You”, “Gentleman After Dark” (I was psyched to hear this one live!) and “Full Moon Crazy” (They also did not do “When I Get Home”)

At times, the guys just took a step back to take in all the cheering after songs. It had been over a YEAR since they had played in New York City so we were all definitely excited for them to be there!

After the show the line for the after show M&G wrapped around the block. (If you pre-ordered their soon to be released EP, you got a wristband for a photo with the band after the show)  Things were a bit rushed but I managed to get a hug from Andy even though they “weren’t allowed” and he told me that they’d be around again soon.  Let’s hope so!

When we made it back to Grand Central we wanted to take the 10:22 train back.  However, it had no track listed for where to get on. (We had picked up food at 7-11 and really wanted to be sitting down and eating it!)  We waited and waited watching the big screen to see when the track would pop up, worried that we’d be delayed – or worse – the train would be canceled and we’d be stuck there another hour.  It was not until after 10pm (We got to the station around 9:45) that a track was listed and by that point everyone was running to get to the track.  The train arrived shortly after and we gave everyone a chance to get off before making sure to get a seat.  The train was PACKED, tons of people standing.

On the way home, getting off my exit there is a blinking red light (if it is after midnight).  I was going to go right, but a car was coming down the hill from my left, so I waited even though I might have had enough time to make the turn. (I get paranoid and figure it is always best to just wait until nothing is coming than try to judge if I can make it or not).  A car came FLYING down the exit ramp and turned left – definitely cutting off the car I was waiting to pass by.  Turns out – it was a COP car and the lights immediately went on and he made a U-turn to pull over the speed demon.  Good thing I waited – I definitely didn’t want to accidentally cut off a cop!

Setlist is under the cut!

Here Comes Trouble
Two Rebels
Livin a Lie
See U In The Dark
Dancing By Yourself
Over You
Run For Your Money
Where Are You Now
One of A Kind
Sing For You
Gentleman After Dark
Full Moon Crazy
Nobody Has To Know
Wherever You Are

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