It is about 2:30 AM and I just now finished the move from blogger to wordpress. (I didn’t start it until after midnight though – had to wait for the contest to end, plus I was enjoying myself at the Jon McLaughlin concert before that!)

Some things might be weird for a little bit until I get all the kinks worked out (Like categories for instance.. none of the blogger tags came along with the ride so I’ll be adding them in slowly for the next few weeks. Or months…)

Random features from plug ins might also be popping up here and there (and sometimes then disappearing too) as I figure out how I want everything to work.

All previous comments look like they are here so there was no interruption with the Freschetta Simply Inspired Giveaway.

If you happen to notice anything else odd.. please leave a comment so I can look in to it. (And yes, I am aware the About page is blank.  I have been putting off writing that for weeks and was not about to write something at 2am!)

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