One of the reasons I made the switch from blogger to wordpress, was that wordpress has a blackberry app to use for posting from my phone, while with Blogger I had to update via email which allowed for limited formatting. (And everything had the tag line that it was sent from my Blackberry so I couldn’t be sneaky when posting from the road lol)

For anyone else who is looking to post from the blackberry app – I have to give you a few warnings.  You will not be able to post from your phone right away.  First, you must go in to your Writing Settings and make sure that the boxes for remote publishing are checked.

I also got an error when I tried to post media from the phone. (“atompub error – http error 401 – credentials required”)  To fix this, you have to log in to the wordpress account via FTP and modify your .htaccess file.  This won’t always happen – it depends on how the server you have your blog on is set up with the PHP and CGI coding or something like that.  (It’s a bit over my head, but fortunately FTPing and copying and pasting I can handle!)

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule .* - [E=HTTP_AUTHORIZATION:%{HTTP:Authorization},L]

Make sure you run a couple of test posts before you take your blog on the road – or you might end up like me, standing outside a concert wanting to post a photo and getting all sorts of errors popping up when you try to submit the post!