Our top 3 went home to perform for their hometowns after the show last week.  We got to see a little bit of it… Haley spent most of her time home in a car… while Scotty and Lauren had huge crowds chanting their names.  Each contestant sang 3 songs – their choice, judges choice and Jimmy’s choice.  Randy name dropped (what else is new).  The first round was the contestants choice and I have to say that Haley won Round 1.

Haley had mentioned to Beyonce she was trying to have her dad play with her and was waiting for it to be ok’ed – and they did end up letting her Dad play with her.  (How could they NOT when they had all those people come in for James’ performances?)

Round 2 songs were chosen by Jimmy Iovine.  I don’t like Jimmy and I wasn’t really a fan of his choices. I think Round 2 was a tie between Lauren and Haley.

After Round 2 we find out why Beyonce offered to mentor the singers – so she could premiere her new music video!

Round 3 was the judges picks.  I think Haley won Round 3 too.. but apparently I am in the minority with thinking that Haley is actually GOOD!  Now I don’t think the other 2 are bad… I am just not a country fan and Scotty bores me – he doesn’t take any risks.  The biggest surprise from him this week was that he played the guitar! He had the perfect opportunity to show his range and hit some high notes and all that.. and he did not.

I feel like Haley is going tobe the one to go home this week, though I would prefer for it to be either of the other 2 instead… but I think Scotty has too big of a fanbase to not win the entire thing :/

Scotty (Amazed) –  Not a fan of the song choice… and I am totally over him. BORING!  I don’t think he has grown at all – he has been consistent the whole time but blahh.

Lauren (Wild One) – It was a decent performance but I’m not sure it was her best.

Haley (What is and what should never be) – I think at parts the song was a bit bigger than her but she did well with it – even when she fell, not missing a beat.  Definitely the best of this round though!

Scotty (Are you gonna kiss me or not) – Another decent performance but nothing too amazing from our one trick pony!

Lauren (If I Die Young) – I liked this performance from her way more than her first.

Haley (Rhiannon) – Not sure of the song choice but I think she did well with what she had to work with

Scotty (She Believes In Me) – I feel like he didnt try to hit the higher notes on the song… and I still do not like him… lol

Lauren (I Hope You Dance) – I loved Lauren’s dress for this song! I think she could have done more with the song, but she did good with it.

Haley (You Oughtta Know) – Alanis’ jagged little pill was my first CD.  So it was funny to hear how they edited the words for Haley.  I think she did great with it.

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