Do you have a slow computer? I do.  My computer is about 8 years old, although I keep replacing components of it as they crap out on me.  Recently I found out about BoostSpeed5, which is the cure for the slow computer.

Your one-stop PC maintenance and optimization tool.
The program will clean up, speed up and repair your system
to make it running as fast and stable as new.

  • Cleans up the Windows registry
  • Defragments hard drives
  • Frees up disk space
  • Recovers accidentally deleted files
  • Speeds up Internet connection

After I downloaded the program and registered it, I ran a system scan. I was bit concerned as to what it would find – I am not that good at keeping up with defragmenting my hard drive or any of those other things that you are supposed to do fairly regularly to keep your computer at optimum speed.  BoostSpeed found something like 35,000 problems that were slowing down my computer! No wonder it was so slow!

During the scan it broke down the errors into categories:

-Registry Errors (Registry errors mainly affecting computer stability)
-Junk Files (Junk files take up disk space and slow down the system)
-Disk Errors (Disk errors can lead to loss of files and documents)
-Fragmented Disks (Fragmentation can severely slow down your computer)

It took me 4 scans to get rid of the majority of the issues – but I really thought that it would take a lot more time than that since I had so many errors!  It also ranks  how much speed loss there is based on each problem.  A few of my categories ranked in the “critical” range originally, but are now down in a modest to no ranking.

The program also has a System Advisor which scans the computer for performance improvements and potential security problems.

In addition to the System Scan, they also have Advanced Tools which include Disk Maintenance, Free Up Space, Software Control, System Tweaking, Diasster Recovery, Registry Maintenance, System Status, Privacy and Speed Up Internet.

I opted to try out the “Free Up Space” Tool (and will get to the others over time) which scanned my computer for duplicate files.  I had many, many files saved in 2 spots (or more!) on my computer.  Most due to the fact that I first downloaded something and then had no idea where it ended up, so I downloaded it again.  I was able to delete out a bunch of the duplicate items and free up a pretty decent amount of space on my computer.

The scans were all very quick and easy to run (I let the first one go over night because I wasn’t sure how long it would take and if it would slow down my computer even more) and there is a noticeable difference in the speed of my computer.  I definitely would recommend Boost Speed 5 to anyone with a computer  – it is a lot quicker than any other scan I have used and very straight forward in what it is doing with the scans as well!

I was given a free copy of the software to use for this review.  All opinions and thoughts are 100% mine and I was not asked or compensated to write a positive review.