Friday afternoon up and coming country artist DJ Miller performed at Country 92.5’s Dunkin Donuts Music Lounge.  His performance and Stealing Angels were a “2 for 1” trade in on the radio station’s website.  At first I wasn’t going to see DJ – but I decided last minute to go anyway and I am glad I did.

There were about a dozen of us there to see him, and the show was set to start at noon.  However, one of the station guys came out and told us that DJ had called and was running late, so it would be about 10 more minutes.  About 10 minutes later DJ showed up and shortly after that we went into the music lounge.

DJ played 5 songs for us: (and mentioned the names of each one before he sang them which made my life a heck of lot easier when it came to keeping track of a setlist!) Between Sundays, Little Things, Probably Just Me, Whatever It Takes (his single) and Only one makes me lonely.  He told us that he is from a small town in Indiana (about 150 people lived there) and he played some gigs in Nashville as well before he was discovered.  He is 21 years old (though looks a bit younger than that).   He has is working on an album, but does not yet know when it will be out.  He is going to be playing for some major labels soon so if one of them signs him (and they’d be silly not to!) then they will release it, if not it will be released on the indie label he is currently on.

After his performance we got in line to get photos with him and then got back in line to go through again to get signed photos.  He is adorable and very sweet and I hope that he does well for himself 🙂

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