From Just bcause, I found out about Blogs for a Cause.  I have worked with Nikki, she designed the header for my wordpress blog layout (which you will all hopefully see soon!) Nikki charges $30 for her design with $25 going towards her humanitarian work and $5 going towards her charity of the month.  If you would like a “scrapbook” type design, you must also provide the digital scrapbook kit.  Kits cost anywhere between $3-$7 depending on which set you choose. Nikki has a list of several websites to choose from as well. (The Charity Week image I made from the scrapbook kit I bought for my header. Who knew I could make something that looked that cool!?)

I emailed Nikki in the afternoon asking about her making me a header and by that evening the work and design was completed!  It was great working with Nikki and I would definitely recommend her if you are looking for a layout!

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