VIP tickets seem to be the latest trend. But are they worth it for you to buy? You have to weigh what comes with the packages and what each item is worth to you.  Most of these packages come with premium seating, which is definitely a plus. In my opinion, a M&G; with the artist is also a HUGE plus. But it all depends on the final price and how big of a fan you are of the particular artist offering the package. (And if you will still be able to afford to eat after you buy it!)

The only show I have gone to “VIP” in the past was the Jonas Brothers on their When You Look Me In The Eyes tour.  The ticket cost $150 and included:
1 Premium Reserved Seat (I was 6th row)
1 Invitation to Soundcheck Party (was 3rd row for this)
1 VIP Lanyard (nice for the scrapbook)
1 Signed Tour Program (Sold this for $98 on ebay when I got home!)
Sound check “parties” are hardly ever the real soundcheck.  The headlining act does their soundcheck early in the afternoon, long before any fans are there. (Or maybe I should say long before the fans are inside. They might be outside in line though!)
To me, this VIP package was worth it – especially since I was able to offset so much of my costs by selling my program. (Although I didn’t know that in advance) A portion of the ticket price went to the Jonas Brothers charity. I also had a great seat for the show so I was able to get awesome photos which is always important to me.

This Spring – Emily Osment and Drake Bell were set to go on tour and offer VIP packages.  However, the entire tour got canceled.  My breakdown really means nothing now, but I figured I would use it as an example!

Here was the breakdown of Emily Osment’s package:
1 Premium Reserved or General Admission Ticket
1 Meet and Greet with Emily Osment
1 Exclusive, Limited Edition Emily Osment Poster
1 Commemorative VIP Laminate
For $80 I managed to land myself a 10th row ticket (“Gold Circle” tickets in 4th row were selling for $60 on LiveNation, otherwise tickets were in he $40 range) and would have been able to meet Emily, had a laminate for my scrapbook and well, I don’t know what I would have ended up doing with with poster. But I don’t have to worry about that now.

Drake’s on the other hand included the following:
• Meet and Greet with Drake Bell
• 1 individual photo with Drake taken (You MUST bring your own point-and-shoot camera. Professional equipment will be turned away).
• Souvenir tour laminate
• 1 pre-signed limited edition tour poster
And cost $75.  As much as I would have loved to go to both of these M&Gs;, I just caould not justify “upgrading” for nearly the same amount as my other package – which included a ticket!  Plus, I’d have to bring my own camera! (Which, I kind of prefer because at least I know it’ll take a decent picture – but for that price they should have a professional on tour taking photos)  Unless I knew a) I could re-sell the poster for around $50 and b) both M&Gs; aren’t going on at the same time – then I would have considered it.

I Love All Access is a company that likes to offer exclusive VIP packages.  For instance, the Glee Tour – has a M&G; package for about $500.  I am absolutely in love with Chris Colfer and was seriously considering purchasing this package. But they also have the fine print that the cast members will vary from show to show.  Whether they are just saying this to cover themselves in case one of the cast members gets sick or is just not up to doing the M&G;, I don’t know, but $500 is a lot to gamble on the possibility of Chris being there.  I would love to do a VIP Package for a show through ILAA at some point to review their process… but a lot of times I find them to be a bit too expensive, even though they do often include premium seat locations and M&Gs; (ILAA if you’re out there and want to hook me up with a discount or package for free in exchange for a review… please contact me! haha)

Ultimately, the decision is up to you.  Break down what the package costs per item (approximately) and see if you don’t mind spending that much.  Make sure that buying the package isn’t going to completely break the bank.  Obviously if you are independently wealthy, some of these prices might be pocket change to you – and then by all means go VIP all the time!  For the rest of us, VIP tickets are a perk that we can take advantage of sometimes.   And if you think one of your favorite bands might be going on tour soon and offering VIP packages – why not start saving now?  Start a concert fund in a jar on your desk or in a savings account of its own so that you will have a bit of money saved up already by the time dates are released!

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