During the course of my blogging, I use quite a few items that can be considered tools or aids for blogging.

My scanner – to scan ticket stubs, backstage passes, autographs and postcards.  It recently stopped working properly and I have to jump through hoops to get it to work – but I don’t think I’d be lost without it.

My memory card reader(s) – The one for my “big camera” I can never remember where I put it.  Then I have one for my smaller camera that doesn’t properly fit into the PC’s USB drive. I have to use an octopus USB hub for it to work.  Not my favorite.

My phone – I have a wordpress app and I have blogger set up to post via email in case I am on the go and really, really need to post something. This is not my favorite way to post.

My computers – I have a Gateway desktop PC and I have a Mac laptop.  While I would probably be lost without them (and forced to do everything via phone – yikes!) these are also not my favorite.

Photoshop – How do you think I get that cute little kick drum and guitar on everything?  It is a brush I made in photoshop!  Plus I can crop images, resize them, basically do whatever the heck I want.  But I am not that good with photoshop (yet) so this is not my favorite!

My Flip – My video camera! Lots of fun! Except that everything has to be done on my laptop because my USB port on my PC doesn’t have enough room for it. Unlike the memory card reader, I can’t use the octopus hub because it doesn’t have enough power.

So just what is my favorite tool?  You’re probably going to think my favorite tool is silly. But I seriously would be lost without it.  Occasionally it  falls on the floor or under my desk and I go absolutely insane looking for it.  It’s a calendar.

A calendar! A 2011 calendar from Disney Movie Club.  I previously had one in 2010 too.  I quit the movie club though so I’m not sure what I will do for 2012.  I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.  There are dates circled on my calendar.  These are days I have gone to concerts.  This is so I can keep track not only for this blog, but for my scrapbook to make sure I have everything in date order and didn’t skip any shows.  When I want to schedule a series of blog posts every Tuesday, I can quickly see what dates I want to use.  When I want to have a post every weekday and I am several weeks in advance (postcard blog) I can figure it all out with my calendar!

Of course,  I can use the calendar on my computer but I like holding it and running my finger along the week or day columns to figure everything out.  I don’t like running my finger across my computer screen.  It will either end up covered in dust (ha) and/or leave a streak on the screen that will bother me every time I see it.

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