What was your favorite class in college?

My favorite class had to be The History of Rock N Roll.  I took it in the summer and it met twice a week in the morning.  I don’t think it was all that early in the morning, but I did often show up half asleep after going to concerts the night before and the professor thought that was awesome so he was never mad at me about it. Plus, at least I showed up! (Funnily enough, the one class I did end up missing – he missed too! Apparently he just never showed up so the class waited like 10 minutes and left. Talk about lucky!) I could have stayed home in bed.  And one week we were talking about Little Richard and Hanson had just started covering “Rip It Up” around that time so I asked him about it and he played it for the class and then asked me if Hanson changed any of the lyrics.  They didn’t.  He was impressed.

The class had nothing to do with my major or minor, but it counted towards the general electives that I needed to take.  I believe it was for History, which is a subject I am not that great with since it is basically all memorization of dates and names. (Although, the one actual History class I took was all essays and not multiple choice “what year did this happen?” and I did really well in it)  We even had to write out certain notes on our midterm and final which surprisingly I did pretty well with, though I don’t know if I actually retained any of that information.

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