Action Item, one of the opening acts for the Drake Bell / Emily Osment tour that I have (VIP) tickets for, posted the following on their facebook tonight:

Due to circumstances beyond on our control, our Spring tour with Drake Bell & Emily Osment has been cancelled. We were all really excited for this tour and it was shaping up to be our biggest tour yet, however the situation is out of our control. The good news is us and our team are working AS WE SPEAK to be on tour this Spring! Look for an announcement soon! We love you guys, thanks for everything.

 At first I thought, well, maybe they just got bumped off the tour and Drake and Emily would still be performing. (My VIP tickets include a M&G; with Emily Osment) However, further down in the comments on the page, they write:

Two things: THE WHOLE TOUR is cancelled, not just us. And refunds will be available!

Obviously I am waiting for confirmation from Artist Arena, where I bought my tickets, for official confirmation of this and a refund…

But, on the plus side, Ocean Grove is playing NYC that night so I can always replace this show with that one (and for much less money – even including train fare! haha)  But on the not so plus side, I had a nice post written up about VIP tickets and whether or not they are worth it to buy, including details about this show – I am going to have to rework that a bit!

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