Yesterday I was surprised with yet another package of stickers from Get Glue.  These must have been my 3rd request, which I made on January 3rd.  The stickers are postmarked January 28th. (So my assumption was right that the last batch was my 2nd, since they matched the items I had put in my “excited to receive” box)  I can next request stickers on Friday.  I hope the box is back so I can name a few stickers I wouldn’t mind getting.  I was fortunate to get no duplicates (aside from the Get Glue heart – but it seems like 3 of those every time is a given) however considering how many ‘generics’ I got, I might not be so lucky next time.  The stickers I got were:
Check In Allstar
Check In Pro
Check In Rookie
Tangled Trailer
True Blood Newbie
Time Warp (Rocky Horror Glee Show)
60s Cocktail
Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce
Don Draper
Channel Surfer
Gorillaz Tour