Danny Gokey, of American Idol fame, came to the Wolf’s Den last night to perform a set.  For each show his foundation, www.sophiasheart.org, sells 25-30 meet and greet passes for a donation of $25 to meet him before the show.  I purchased one, and it was a bit confusing on figuring out where to pick it up, but everything worked out. (Everyone told us to pick it up at the arena box office, except that he was not playing the arena.  The wolf’s den has no will-call but there was someone there handing out our passes)

As the Wolf’s Den is general admission, we had to wait in line for a couple of hours to make sure we would get a seat.  We got in line about 5 after picking up the M&G; pass and were let in at about 6:30.  Then at 7:15 we went for the meet and greet which was downstairs underneath “the rock” of the wolf’s den stage.  The hallway down there was covered in signatures and drawings by bands who had played the venue in the past.

The meet and greet was pretty quick – a nice to meet you, a hug from Danny, an autograph (He seemed confused as to why I was having him sign an envelope.  It was the envelope my pass had come in – I had intended to buy a CD for him to sign but they were not selling merch before the show!) and a photo with him, taken by his tour manager.  Then we went back upstairs to our seat.

The show started promptly at 8 and Danny did a mix off songs off of his album, as well as some covers.  He played until about 9:30, which was interesting because usually the shows in the Wolf’s Den are only an hour.  He did a LOT of talking in between songs about Sophia’s Heart and what they are accomplishing as a foundation. It seems like they are doing a lot of great things!  If he wasn’t talking about the foundation in between songs, he was talking about Sophia.

Before “I Still Believe” he said “How many of you… like me…” which got everyone screaming “WE LOVE YOU DANNY!” and he was like “No, no. I mean, I wanted to use myself as an example” Which was pretty funny – whether it was scripted or not.

After the show, he hung around to sign, although I did not bother since I had already gotten his signature at the M&G; (and had gotten it once before when I met him before an Idol show)

Setlist, videos and some pictures under the cut!

Like That’s A Bad Thing
Life On Ya
Be Somebody
Tiny Life
What Hurts the Most
Get Away
Hard To Handle
I Will Not Say Goodbye
It’s Only
I Still Believe
Crazy Not To
Back At One
Raining On Sunday
My Best Days
Life Is A Highway
Livin’ On A Prayer

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