A couple days ago, I saw a tweet on my twitter feed from Jacob from O-Town mentioning an O-Town reunion.  Slowly, other band members began tweeting about it as well and I was totally excited.  Then, the next day Ashley Parker Angel tweeted saying he won’t be a part of it and then I was a bit torn.  O-Town is not O-Town without the five of them – but on the other hand, Ashley was never my favorite (Jacob and Trever are/were) and I have met Ashley a couple times now since he left O-Town and gotten pics with him so while I need to “complete the set” of pics with the other 4, I can do this whether Ashley is present or not.  Although, it is still a bit weird to wrap my mind around the fact that they’ll be getting together without the “heartthrob” of the group.

Since seeing the tweets I have mentioned on various online places (facebook, livejournal, etc) about the reunion and most of the reactions I get are “What? Where did you here this? I need details” I have gotten sick of repeating myself so I figured I’d toss a post together with my feelings and what I know about this reunion.

Below you will find all the tweets from the band members (as far as I know, Dan does not have a twitter and I don’t know if he has mentioned anything elsewhere) I think in the order they were tweeted, give or take.  There are no dates yet, it looks like they are looking for places where they have a lot of fans before deciding where they will be going. With any luck they will end up playing somewhere relatively close to me so I can go and check it out!

Next up, *NSYNC?

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