Kicking Daisies is a Connecticut based band made up of 4 teenagers, Duran (guitar/vocals), Ben (lead guitar), and sisters Carly (bass) and Caitlin (drums).  They were recently named Radio Disney’s “Next Big Thing” for 2010 and their single “Keeping Secrets” can be heard frequently on the station.  If you want to check out their music, they stream most of their EP on their website and their EP is also available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

On Saturday they did a show at The Space in Hamden, CT.  A small venue which has a capacity of about 150. Also joining them for the show was FIGHTING CONFESSION and Twenty To Twelve.

When I got there, it didn’t look like doors were opened yet. I was a bit confused because my ticket said 6pm but the venue website said 7pm.  A little after 7 it looked like people were going in, but there was still a long line.  I waited a bit longer and ventured over to the door.  What had happened was they had a line with tickets and a line for people who were going to be buying tickets that night.  The line with tickets was inside and the rest were waiting (about 50 people) but the venue was nearly at capacity and they only had 20 tickets left!  Everyone was crowded around the area to give your ticket so I hung back while they sold the last 20 tickets.  People in the crowd were complaining that KD “better make it up to them” because they hadn’t missed a show of theirs yet. (Here’s a thought – buy your ticket in advance)

While I managed to sneak around to give my ticket and get my hand stamped the venue was handing out numbers.  They were sent to another area that the venue owned and then as people left The Space they’d be allowed in, in number order.

Twenty to Twelve was on stage already when I got in.  It was incredibly crowded and it was hard to really enjoy the band (no fault of the band though!)  I was standing right near the sound board with about 2 inches of personal space around me! It was awful for a little bit there.  Then I heard the owner (?) tell the sound guy it was the band’s last song, but after they finished it, they kept going into another song!  There were shouts of “cut the mic!”, but it seemed like the lead singer just got louder.  They did end up leaving in the middle of the song, but everyone was worried that would throw everything way off schedule for the evening.

Fighting Confession was up next and as they were in their first song, the owner (?) came back and said they were back on schedule and that Kicking Daisies would be on at around 8:45 or 9pm and didn’t even have an hour worth of material for their setlist.  It seemed like a lot of people were there for Fighting Confession and I had hear that numbers 1-10 from the waiting list were let inside.  They were alright, but I thought that they were trying too hard to impress the kids by saying “shit” every time they talked to the crowd.

Then it was time for Kicking Daisies.  The nice thing was, there was not a lot of set up time between bands at all. Only about 10 minutes which was pretty shocking. Usually shows are like 20-30 minutes in between sets!  The owner(?) said that he wasn’t even going to introduce them, we had to shout who we were there to see and he made everyone shout “KICKING DAISIES!” twice before they took the stage. Their first song was Promises and man do these kids have energy.  During one song, Ben had a guitar solo and he climbed up on the drumset and started playing the guitar with his teeth. It was ridiculous (in a really good way) and they really had the crowd pumped.  They said happy birthday to a few people who were in the crowd and talked a bit about their EP and new album that is due out hopefully in the Spring in between songs.

Before “Video Killed the Radio Star” Duran joked that he had written it back in the 80s and Caitlin did a bit of “ba dum ch” on the drums. The Duran tried to say that he was sorry his jokes were bad, but every time he said ANYTHING, there was Caitlin again with a “ba dum ch”  To the point that Duran couldn’t even say what he wanted to say, he just cracked up and asked her to stop.  Of course, that made her do it one more time before they finally went into the song.  After that song they went into another cover – except this time Caitlin and Duran swapped places.  He played the drums while she rapped on a rendition of “Airplanes”  I wanted to sneak out a bit early to get out of the parking lot ASAP (snow was supposed to be coming) and I hear the owner(?) tell another guy that “that was it” so I decided to take off.  I don’t know if they did an encore after Airplanes or not.

I think that they are really going to be going places.  For being so young they are all really good at their instruments (especially Ben!) and they seem to be having a ton of fun doing it.  I am pretty sure next time they come around this area it will be somewhere a bit larger – as they recently sold out The Fairfield Theater and now The Space! (Both in the 150ish for capacity)

Set list and a couple of photos under the cut!

Cruel Intentions
Shut Up!
Keeping Secrets
The Plan
Alive (new)
Video Killed The Radio Star (cover)
Airplanes (cover)

2 thoughts on “Kicking Daisies At The Space 1/29”
  1. That’s awesome! So fantastic that you’ve been to that many gigs – I don’t have the stamina for it anymore – or maybe I’m just lazy 😉 Thanks for linking up and following!!

  2. That’s awesome! So fantastic that you’ve been to that many gigs – I don’t have the stamina for it anymore – or maybe I’m just lazy 😉 Thanks for linking up and following!!

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