Are you constantly checking your Twitter feed? Updating your Facebook status? Writing another blog post? Do you use it to market or meet other people?

I am almost always connected to twitter. I have 5 accounts (yes, 5) and I have my main private account hooked up to echofon so I can see all my friends updates through Firefox when I am working on other things. I’m thinking of starting a business on social media and have already spoken to social media experts on The Marketing Heaven on how to do that. I have 4 apps on my phone for 4 of my 5 accounts so I can keep track of everything when I am on the go. I can even tweet from my TV through my DVD player if I want!

I am sure you want to know what all my accounts are – I have my private account, a public account for replying to celebs, entering contests, etc. I also have a 2nd public account for when I need to spam and re-tweet things a billion times for contests (though I don’t really use this one all that often).  Then both of my fan sites have an account @hansonstage for and @HSLive for, those I almost exclusively use from the web, but occasionally I will “live tweet” on them from a show or I’ll get bored and check out the feeds on my phone.

I do have a facebook but I do not update my status nearly as much as anyone else (or as much as I update my twitter)  I guess I feel like most people I am friends with on both twitter and facebook so why bother having them read the same things twice? (HUGE petpeeve is people who have their twitter HOOKED UP to their facebook so I see the same exact updates verbatim on both sites. I at least try to switch up my words if I am posting about the same thing on both sites!)  Mainly I use facebook for keeping up with friends and uploading photos – but I think I should start using my gallery on my domain for that instead of facebook – at least then I know I actually *own* everything and know that a photo of mine won’t show up in an ad or something without my permission.

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