October 28
Have inflatable breasts
adjustable palm lines?

Adjustable palm lines.

October 29
Live in a world where golf courses and cemeteries were combined on one property
where churches and paintball parks were?

Churches and paintball parks.

October 30/31
Have bendy straws for hair
newspaper for skin?

bendy straws for hair

November 1
Fight to the death possessed office supplies
possessed deli meats

deli meats. eat them and you win. tada!

November 2
Drunk a beefbrawler (gin, orange juice, ground raw beef, two shakers of salt sucked through a green onion)
A bloody pilgrim (kool-aid, heavy cream and mushrooms pureed, topped with warm fat freshly liposucted fro ma fat lady’s thigh and arm)?


November 3
Eat the emperor (two pounds of roast beef sauteed in the sweat of a sumo wrestler, consumed to the tune of ‘ride of the valkyrie’)
The regent (to charcoal briquettes on a toasted roll, eaten in the presence of five surly sailors)?

The regent. I guess.

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