November 4
After a big night out, wake up next to a close co-worker
a friend of your mother?

LOL umm coworker?

November 5
Live in a world where computer gaming was a lucrative and respected sport
where it was legally enforced to have dungeons and dragons statistics on your driver’s license?

computer gaming = sport

November 6/7
Only be able to eat orange foods
only be able to eat foods starting with the letter ‘K’?

Orange foods.

November 8
Be sentenced to a hell that is a grid-locked traffic jams with literally no end, as the passenger seat nags you
A hell that is an eternal bar-mitzvah part where a painfully bad band sings ‘celebration’ and ‘shout’ over and over?

bar-mitzvah. I can’t handle traffic.

November 9
Live in a world where women are given more pay, opportunity and access to jobs
where men experience the pains of the birth process along with women?

Definitely the second. lol

November 10
Spend an eight-hour car ride with (insert annoying acquaintance)
put on (insert friend)’s socks and underwear every day for a month?

Are the underwear washed? because I could handle that moreso than a ride with someone annoying LOL

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