Last night Kris Allen and Lifehouse came to MGM Grand at Foxwoods for the Smoke and Mirrors tour.  Somehow we managed to get orchestra seats, I had never been that close before at the venue.  I wonder if it has something to do with Ticketmaster selling some of the tickets now…

I had thought that there would be another opener – a girl that was discovered on Youtube was on the tour, or so I thought, but when 8pm hit and the lights went down it was Kris Allen’s band that was on the stage… which threw me. I wasn’t ready for that at all so I spent half of the first song digging in my purse to find my camera! (She probably wasn’t there because Foxwoods is probably pretty strict about how long and late everyone can play)

Kris sounded great, but I wasn’t getting the same energy as I did at the Oakdale show with Keith Urban.  I think this was due to the crowd though, not Kris.  Kris was definitely ‘on’.  I was surprised he didn’t sing The Truth and was surprised that he did sing Red Guitar – I was thinking he’d have done roughly the same set as he did with Keith.

For merch, Kris had 2 shirts, one yellow with a Buck on it and a light shirt with multi colored piano on it, a zip up hoodie and a signed photo.  I got the photo right away but I was a bit sad that it probably meant Kris wasn’t going to be signing anywhere!  (Usually I don’t like getting autos unless I got them from the artist myself but the fact that I had Adam’s signature and not Kris’ was kind of bothering me lol)

After Kris’ set ended, with a Live Like We’re Dying sing-a-long, it was time for a 20 minute intermission. (Kris played roughly 40 minutes)

Lifehouse came out at about 9.  I really don’t know any of their stuff but the radio singles, but I did enjoy their performance.  It was quite a change from the very quick acoustic set I had seen them do earlier this year (with only half the band)  Their stage setup was relatively basic – with the exception of some screens around the drumset that had different effects going on them throughout the night.

They did about 7 songs and then all but Jason left the stage.  He said for the next 10-15 minutes we were in charge of the setlist and allowed people to yell out requests.  Of course it would have been nice if he said what the requests were (all he mentioned was “Everything”) to make my setlist keeping go a little bit easier haha because I couldn’t really make out what anyone was yelling at him and I’m kind of surprised he could! Near the end, Rick came out and stood off to the side looking like he was yawning and bored.  Then he moved closer as Jason kept playing and eventually was so close to Jason that he couldn’t help but laugh and they went back to a full band set up.

Jason also went through the crowd a bit for a song.  This caused a frenzy, as expected! The ushers were running to block off the stairs so people wouldn’t go running all over the place to get closer to him. (I think this was during Whatever It Takes, because for Wrecking Ball Jason was MIA for some of the song – or maybe I just couldn’t see him because Big Foot was 2 rows in front of me conveniently blocking Jason for a good 70% of the show lol)

Since it was the first night of the show, I tried to keep track of the setlist but as I am not familiar with a lot of Lifehouse’s stuff, there are a couple songs that I can’t figure out now.  Also, Everything is on there twice.  They definitely did it in the encore, and Jason said the name during his little acoustic set so I am assuming he sang it there as well (he only did bits of the songs then, from what I could tell) but I am not 100% sure.  If anyone knows what the missing 2 songs are based on the lines I have posted, leave me a comment so I can update 🙂  I’m actually pretty impressed with myself that there were only 2 songs I couldn’t eventually figure out (I usually write down a line or two from the song that is repeated, sometimes it ends up being the song title – sometimes I have to google and then sometimes even then I still have nothing)  Thanks to Will for filling in the blanks on the songs for me 🙂

Kris setlist:
Written All Over My Face
Can’t Stay Away
Red Guitar
Alright With Me
Man In The Mirror
Is It Over
Live Like We’re Dying

Lifehouse setlist:
All In
Here Tomorrow Gone Today
Nerve Damage
You And Me
Whatever It Takes
Wrecking Ball

*just jason*
It Is What It Is
Sick Cycle Carousel
From Where You Are
The End Has Only Begun

Falling In
Hanging By A Moment
First Time

Halfway Gone

No media from this show, they were pretty strict when they saw people taking video and since I was basically the last row of orchestra I didn’t want to risk it. Photos are under the cut!

I liked his tattoos

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