September 9
Be stuck on a desert island with hungry cannibals
angry inmates?
Angry inmates for no particular reason…
September 10
Be stuck on a stalled bus with manic-depressive nuns
Autistic rodeo clowns
Clowns scare me, so I’ll have to go with nuns.
September 11/12
Have magic 8 balls for elbows
shrimp for nipples?
Again with the nipples! I’ll have to go with the shrimp nipples this time though.
September 13
Live in a Kaiser-ruled Germany
Pre-dorothian Oz?
September 14
Marry an ugly rock star
a hot garbage man?
Ugly rock star.
September 15
Have your wedding conducted in the tone of a rap video
in the tone of an elementary school play?
Rap video.

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