September 16
Draw your dating pool from people browsing the self-help section of the bookstore
The sci-fi section?
Sci-Fi. Not that there is anything wrong with people wanting to better themselves.
September 17
Wear a cologne named “new tennis ball”
one named “wet german shepherd”?
New tennis ball.
September 18/19
Have a two-inch underbite
a two-inch overbite?
Neither since I am currently in braces to fix my bite 😉
September 20
Marry a rich, shallow investment banker
A poor, brilliant artist?
Artist. And I’d help him make some money somehow.
September 21
Have a ‘save game’ function on a date
a ‘pause’ function?
I think pause might be more helpful.
September 22
When you get a prospective date’s number or email, only be able to write it down by tattooing it on your body
your only pick up line to be: ‘to answer your question – yes. Light weights, high reps.’?
Only pick up line. I don’t need emails and/or numbers all over my body lol