I see what searches land people on my blog – and a very common one is the John Mayer and Hanson silly bandz.  Until now, I had no info on these items on my blog (just references to John Mayer, Hanson and Silly Bandz separately)

So, here is what I know.

Hanson has set of 4 “crazy bands” available on tour and on their store on hanson.net. If you are buying JUST the bands on the store, shipping is going to run you about $5 and the set of 4 bands is only $1.  You are better off getting them on tour, or throwing a couple packs in your order the next time you get a tshirt or something else from the store.  The designs are “Hanson” in white, a yellow megaphone, a red musical note and blue headphones.


John Mayer has just announced that he will also be selling silly bandz on his tour.  As of right now, they are exclusive to his tour and I am not sure how much the pack is.  They include 3 “broken” hearts (with the lightning bolt) a black, red and white one.  A blue guitar and a J and an M. (black and red, respectively) John has posted an image of them on his tumblr.


Hopefully I will be able to get a couple of packs of the John Mayer designs on Saturday and will report back with a price if I don’t find it somewhere else before then. EDIT John Mayer’s message board is reporting that it is $10 for the 5pack of bands

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