There was really only one artist I was interested in seeing for Lilith Fair – and that was Selena Gomez. 

Meanwhile, it was announced that Maroon 5 would be performing at the Mohegan Sun arena the same night.  At first I was considering going to Lilith and then heading over to the casino (it is about an hour away) if enough time would allow to catch Maroon 5 as well.

Selena has come down with some throat problems – she is not even allowed to TALK let alone sing.  With this announcement I decided to forgo my plans to check out Lilith. (I am sure there are still some great performers but for whatever reason I am always more drawn to bands with boys in them….)

Today Maroon 5’s twitter was doing ticket giveaways and you had to RT a message to win tickets.  I RTed on 2 of my public accounts and actually ended up winning tickets on both accounts! (I only claimed them on one though, since obviously I don’t need two sets – I am only one person!)

I am quite excited I was able to trade a free show for a free show since I was trying to go to more free shows than paid shows this year and with the 3 paid for Hanson shows in a row that kind of threw everything off a bit!

I haven’t seen Maroon 5 in quite a few years (I don’t think I saw them since before their 2nd album has dropped) so I am really looking forward to it – plus I never cashed in my ticket after the Idol concert so I have $14.25 to play in the slots! haha

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