Yesterday I had to go down to Bridgeport to pick up the Idol tickets I had won to give them to a friend so they would get used.  While I was there I thought I would try my hand at meeting the Idols before the show once the buses arrived like I had done last year in Hartford.

When I arrived, I was able to pick up my tickets – which were AWESOME seats 🙁  Then I saw there was already a small crowd waiting, but no barricades were set up and there was no security – definitely a bad sign.

I decided I would wait until 2pm, and as I started to walk away (I was beginning to get sunburned and it was just way too hot out to be standing around) the buses were pulling into the venue riding along the street near me.  I decided to go back, but after 15 to 20 minutes decided it wasn’t worth it, I’d only be getting photos through the fence and definitely not any photos with Idols.

This afternoon I went to the CTPost website and saw that Connecticut’s own Katie Stevens had come out to sign and Big Mike did as well.  I am not sure if anyone else did, they didn’t have any other photos posted and I am not sure what time they ended up coming out either.

The parking garage was $6 for me to park which is why I call the photo above, “The $6 photo”

(On the plus side, I got word on the way up to see Jack Johnson that I had tickets for me at Mohegan Sun for Tuesday’s American Idol show – only problem is we don’t know where they keep the buses but I am going to head up there early anyway and hope that I can spot something or that someone will tweet a location!)

Also – Christine took some amazing photos during the show and said I can post some – so look out for those sometime soon 🙂

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