I, of course, won myself some tickets to see the American Idols Live show in Bridgeport, CT (possibly Katie Stevens hometown show?) in September.

Then last night Katie and the Arena at Harbor Yard tweeted that the show got changed to July 9th – aka the following Friday – aka the night I already have tickets to see Jack Johnson.

I had also been trying to win tickets to the Mohegan show July 13, but had no luck there.

I have contacted the contests I had won to see if there was any way I could “trade” tickets for the Mohegan show (not expecting much, but I figured it’s worth a shot) and told them if not to try and give the tickets away again as I am now no longer able to attend.  I am not to impressed that they decided to give everyone a WEEK notice on this switch and I am sure I will not be the only one unable to attend now. It is such a bummer.

If anyone has connections for tickets to the July 13th show – let me know!  I really don’t want to miss this tour but there isn’t much I can do about it!

There is also rumors that a bunch of shows are going to be canceled come Tuesday (something like 7 or 8) and that the tour itself might end up ending in August instead of September. (Good news for Lee and Crystal who will have more time to work on their albums – but bad news for all the fans!)

Seems like the touring industry is in for a big hit with the economy – and the high ticket prices aren’t really helping matters.  The Jonas Brothers also canceled a bunch of their dates and rerouted others (mine wasn’t affected) and other tours aren’t selling as well as anticipated either!

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