May 27
Have the head of a lego man
The body of a lego man?

Head. Not sure why, but I think that would be more fun.

May 28
Have hot wax dripped on your eyes
twist a corkscrew into your belly button?

Um, neither, thanks.

May 29/30
Have a head that reflects light like a disco party ball
Puff up like a blowfish when you sense danger?

Disco ball head. That would be cool.

May 31
Have a comic-book-style thought bubble
A comic-book-style dialogue bubble?

Dialogue bubble. I don’t need people seeing my thoughts.

June 1
Have your dreams written and directed by the makers of “the matrix”
by the makers of “girls gone wild”?

The matrix.

June 2
Win the nobel prize for physics
be the guy who narrates all those movie trailers?

Nobel prize!

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