When I picked up my tickets and M&G; passes we were instructed to meet at 6:45, but there was no real destination listed.  At 6:30 we headed over near the box office, because the woman who had called to tell me I had won told me to meet Maze, one of the morning show DJs, near the box office at 6:45, so we were looking for him.  We ended up finding another 2 people with passes on so we stayed with them, and then saw a few other people with passes as well and finally Paul came out to get all all together. (Maze never did show up and Paul told me that he was there earlier interviewing Adam)

About 7pm, when the M&G; was scheduled to start, we were taken through a door for authorized personal only and taken to a side door of the theatre.  Paul instructed us to wait there and that “Adam would be with us shortly”

While Paul left us to go make sure he had all the people with passes, venue security told us we had to wait inside the theatre on a ramp and we would be instructed when to come back to the area that we were in.

Another group of people with passes went through the theatre and right past us, back to where we were told we couldn’t wait.  We never saw them come back out and had no idea what was going on.  Paul mentioned that Allison would be on first at 8, and as 7:30 got closer we were beginning to worry that we would miss her set because we would be with Adam.  Finally around 7:45 we were brought back to where we were told we couldn’t wait, and 2 by 2 we went into the room to greet Adam.

It was quick!  He asked me my name, I told him it was Katie, he said Hi Katie! and my mom introduced herself as “Katie’s mom” so he said “Hi Katie’s Mom!” and laughed.  Adam’s brother Neil took our photo – but said the first one came out blurry so he wanted to try another one so we got back in position and then Adam signed my picture retrieval card (If I had known we’d get autos too I’d have picked up a hard copy of his cd, but oh well) and he signed my mom’s ticket. As we were leaving he said that he better see us dancing and to have fun at the show LOL

Then we waited for the group to finish so we could get our tickets scanned and go back in the theater, but then we were told not to bother and just to find our seats.  My mom was showing all the ushers her ticket and they were all getting excited that it was signed! LOL I even offered to swap places with one of the ushers while she took my pass to go meet him real quick! 😉

Our seats were in the second row of the Parterre – they were really good seats!

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