May 20
Have that foot-measuring device for an arm
have strips of raw bacon for hair?

Bacon for hair.

May 21
Belch the sound of glass shattering
sneeze the chorus to popozao?

Well, I don’t belch because I am a lady, so I will go with belching because no one will ever have to hear it anyway.

May 22/23
Be beaten to death with tinker toys
killed in an avalanche of D&D; dice

I think dice might be a bit less painful, though not by much

May 24
Interview JD Salinger
JD Hogg

JD salinger.

May 25
Have to speak every sentence as a question as if on ‘Jeopardy’
Be mysteriously compelled to say ‘arrr’ in a pirate’s voice before every sentence you speak?

Pirates, ftw.

May 26
Be stuck in an elevator with hollywood super-agents on their cell phones
post meal bulimics?

This is awful and I am not answering it.

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