Thursday March 11
Have a shadow on two-second delay
Have an echo that is the voice of barry white?

Echo! That would be fun! And creep people out!

Friday March 12
Have a uni-brow
a uni-lash?

I think a unibrow would be a bit less noticeable? So I will go with that!

Saturday/Sunday March 13/14
Be stoned to death by pickles
Submerged in mayonnaise until you suffocate?

I love me some mayo, so I’ll go with that. (And can you be stoned by pickles? Wouldn’t you be pickled by pickes?)

Monday March 15
Wake up each day with a completely new height
a completely different age?

Hmm I think both of these could be hard to adjust to, but I am going to go with age. I am clumsy enough as it is, I don’t need to wake up 8 feet tall and not know how to deal with it LOL

Tuesday March 16
Have to use clothespins to keep your eyelids shut for any sustained period of time
Only be able to prevent continuous nose hair growth by a constant exertion of will?

Wow. I think clothespins to keep my eyelids shut – and hopefully the wouldn’t fly off in the middle of sleeping!

Wednesday March 17
have a beard of bees
an afros of krazy straws?

I think I’ve established I don’t like bugs – so clearly an afro of krazy straws. PLUS, that seems pretty awesome.

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