I was suckered into purchasing 4 “random” calendars on Woot.com before the end of the year. I was interested in the “music trivia” on that they had listed so I thought buying 4 (instead of just 2) would help my chances in getting the music one. Imagine my surprise when ALL FOUR were “Would You Rather?” calendars?

I decided to make the most of it and start a “Would You Rather?” Wednesday. Yes, I know today is not Wednesday, but I thought I would get caught up with the year before making it a weekly feature. (Which I hope I will remember to do for the year.. I forsee some Not-So-Wednesday Would You Rather days in my future…)

Would You Rather…
January 1
Have any article of clothing you try on fit perfectly?
Have your dreams automatically downloaded to DVDs each night?

This is a tough one. But, I know that I have some incredibly insane dreams so I think I am going to go with having them downloaded to DVD. I think they would bring some good laughs.

January 2/3
Cry Hot Tar
Sneeze with the force of a double barrel shotgun?

Ok so now I got the feeling that these are all going to be tough. I mean, it wouldn’t be anything worth spending money on if it wasn’t, right? I do both quite often… but I think sneezing would be more fun for everyone. Hot tar would be pretty painful for me, whereas with the sneezing I could share the pain. 😉

January 4
Date a Prop Comedian
A Compulsive Air Guitarist

This one was easy! When I read “prop comedian” I immediately thought Carrot Top – which made my decision of a Compulsive Air Guitarist that much easier. haha

January 5
Wear you hair in a mullet for a month for $1,200
Wear a members only jacket in public every day for a year for $5,500?

Maybe I spoke too soon on these not being easy. I really don’t care what other people think of me so I will wear whatever I want and therefore I will wear whatever would get me the most money, which would be a members only jacket. The only hard part with this would be for me to wear a jacket EVERY DAY. I don’t care what it looks like, I’m usually warm!

January 6
Be able to anti-levitate (sink slightly into the ground)
To teleport, but only to an arby’s located in betsville, maryland?

Hmm. There is nothing I want to be able to do more than teleport. But I’ve never eaten at an Arby’s! haha I guess I would go with teleporting (because I can’t think of any useful reason for anti-levitation as a power?) and hope that eventually I would be able to tweak it so I could go more places!

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