Another installment of Would You Rather Wednesday!

January 7
Sweat manischwitz wine
cry crushed garlic

I’m thinking sweat wine. Not a garlic fan. Not a wine fan either for that matter but it just seems like the better option

January 8
Be rash man (annoy foes with minor skin irritations)
The tenderizer (softens foes with rapid strokes of a mallet)

The tenderizer. Definitely.

January 9/10
Eat a stick of cotton candy made entirely from belly button lint
Drink a milkshake made from st bernard slobber

This is gross!!! But I guess Ill go with cotton candy

January 11
Marry a self righteous milkman
a melancholy locksmith

A locksmith I think. I dont know. This one is just odd.

January 12
Have the power to shave just by thinking really hard
An unexplainable gift, whereupon after flushing the toilet, everybody in the building renounces their religion?

Definitely shave power. I don’t understand the point of the second one lol

January 13
Have the ability to silence with a stare
Be able to goose with a wink

Well, I can silence with a stare if I am mad enough about something – so definitely going with the ability to goose with a wink. LMAO.

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