So here we go again… with would you rather wednesday

January 14
Have an increased charm when on the tundra
Unquestionable priority when it comes to using shared armrests in public theaters?

Definitely armrests. I love me some armrests.

January 15
Be able to determine the exact ripeness of fruits by whispering to them
To unsuspectingly induce handle-bar moustaches?

Definitely be a fruit whisperer.

January 16/17
Be stuck on an elevator with avid jehovah’s witnesses’ missionaries
Flatulent supermodels?

I think I’m going to go with the jehovah’s

January 18
Be able to walk on pudding
To project holograms of the puerto rican super group menudo?

LMAO. Definitely menudo holograms. I love me some boybands.

January 19
Be able to turn water into a sword
To summon the Baldwin Brothers

Both of these seem pointless, but Alec does know the Jonas Brothers so I guess I’m going to have to go with the Baldwin Brothers. And hope Alec isn’t too busy to show up and call JB…

January 20
Be able to successfully avoid doing chores and facing minor relationship problems by hiding under some coats for a little while
To bake chicken pot pie inside of your pants

Anything about avoiding chores I am all over 😉

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