January 21
Be able to draw like picasso, but smell intensely of raspberries
To compose like mozart, but have to always wear those really dark, tight designer jeans from the seventies?

Well, I love raspberries and hate tight jeans – so picasso it is!

January 22
Be incredibly charming, but only when discussing your bowel movements
Have an infallible pick-up line, but only with fuddruckers employees?

LOL. I guess I’ll go with charming when talking about poop.

Saturday/Sunday January 23/24
You belly button double as an electrical outlet
Be able to swap your face at will with anyone else?

Belly button as an outlet. Definitely. That would come in handy a lot!

January 25
Have a flair for interior design, but wobble ceaselessly in the presence of small children
Be able to type 80 words a minute, but moan like chewbacca when you defecate?

Well, I can type 80+ wpm. And I do wobble in the presence of small children so really this one is a fail.

January 26
Have an anus that can function as a dust buster
Nipples that can act as universal light dimmers

Uhhhh. No comment?

January 27
Have a tongue that double as a retractable tape measure
A GPS built in to your crotch

Hmm, I can find either of these useful… lmao but I think I’m going to go with tape measure because I am constantly misplacing my ruler when scrapbooking. If it was always in my mouth I’d be all set!

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