Friday during the Nick Jonas concert, we saw that Honor Society had tweeted a video. We couldn’t watch it, but we knew that the idea was you had to make a video and enter to win tickets to Timbaland. Since we had decided we weren’t paying for tickets to see Timbaland (they are like $50 after fees!) we had made a pact that we would only go if we won them.

Saturday, Lauren & I headed up to Christine’s to film our video. We were armed with my doll Zac’s wardrobe and Christine had picked up some supplies at AC Moore while out buying pears.


The deadline for the contest was yesterday and about 6:45 tonight we got a message from Honor Society that we had won!! We didn’t know how many winners there would be, but later on they said there were only *6* winners via their twitter and there were over 50 entries!

We are psyched that we get tickets and a M&G;, but bummed that Christine can’t go with us to the show 🙁

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