Last night I went to Irving Plaza to see Timbaland. Timbaland is not someone I would just decide to go see, but Honor Society was opening and I had won the tickets so of course I had to check it out.

I had expected that there would be a huge line of people waiting, but it turned out it was mainly Honor Society fans and for sure we thought we would end up with front row. Except, then the will call / guest list line was separated. We were at the front of the guest list line but it turned out that was NOT the line we were supposed to be on so our dreams of front row were crushed.

We ended up only about 4 or 5 rows back though, closer at this show than we were for the last time Honor Society had headlined. We were just hanging near the barricade when Lauren told me that Alex was behind me and I turned around and said hi. Mike had gone by already too and a little while later Jason and Andy made their way past us.

The show was set to start at 9pm and Timbaland would be playing until midnight. This stunk, because Honor Society’s meet and greets were not until AFTER Timbaland’s set.

Honor Society did 6 songs – Full Moon Crazy (whos track started playing a little bit too early – but got us all to get our cameras out and get ready lol), Two Rebels, Over You, Down / My Own Way, Nobody Has To Know & Here Comes Trouble.

After their set was over their equipment was near us and there were still a bunch of picks on the mic stands. One of the staff guys took one of Andy’s and put it in his pocket. Then kept teasing us asking if we wanted them. OF COURSE we did. He thought that was sooo funny and perhaps if we were 12 we would have been upset but jokes on him because it didn’t bother us all that much haha (Especially since I asked Andy for a pick later and he gave me one lol)

We waited for a bit in between sets and then all 4 guys came by and slapped our hands as they left to go wherever it is they ended up going.

Lauren & I headed to the restrooms and then found a chair to sit on. They had a TV set up so we were able to watch Sebastian’s set (though we couldn’t really hear it) and a little after 11 we headed back upstairs (Timbaland’s set started around 10:30)

Going in to this show I wasn’t really sure what to expect. My opinion of Timbaland was that he says “ahhh ohhh eeee ohh” in the background of songs. And I still hold that opinion even after the show. BUT, it was pretty cool. Since he collaborates with SO many people and obviously they all can’t go on tour with him, he has a screen set up on the side of the stage where those performers appear and sing with him. He has also been known to bring out some special guests.

And for New York City, he pulled out all the stops. As the end of the show (or so we thought) got nearer, he was joined on the stage by Keri Hilson. Next thing you know the crowd surges forward and there are screams as Lil Kim takes the stage!

Then he did a medley of Justin Timberlake songs – which.. was kind of lame. And would have worked out a LOT better if you know, Justin showed up to sing with him? (I mean it would have made MY night worth it, at least…)

Then it seemed he had ONE final guest. And who appears? but PDiddy! (I of course showed my age by almost calling him “Puff Daddy”) and he sang All About the Benjamins. Somehow, I knew the words? Oh, middle school days…

The show was over sometime after midnight. (Youd think, being so annoyed by all of this time stuff I would have paid better attention to remembering, but I didn’t, it was far past my bed time…)

We were then brought upstairs for our M&G; with Honor Society – we got pictures with them for winning the contest. It was all very awkward and confusing – I think we were all half asleep at this point and just kind of bumbling around. Is that even a word? I’m not sure.

Then we went back downstairs for the signing M&G; and they moved us out of the way so PDiddy could go by. A couple girls got pics with him and then he disappeared. (He had come to the show as a FAN just to see Timbaland, and Tim made him come up on stage haha)

We caught what we believe to be the last train out – which was at 1:49am. We got to the station about 3:30 am and I have NO idea when I fell asleep once I got home. I was hoping it would have been as soon as I crawled in to bed, but unfortunately that was not the case!

And now we do it all again tonight – except – Honor Society is headlining so the show should be over by 9:30 and then we just have to wait in the M&G; line.

Pictures from tonight coming soon – probably not until the weekend.

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