On Friday I went to the Beacon Theater (where most of the live scenes from Hanson’s “Tulsa, Tokyo and the Middle of Nowhere” were filmed back in 1997) with friends Christine and Lauren to see Nick Jonas’ side project – Nick Jonas and the Administration.

At first I was skeptical. I am a Joe girl and sometimes Nick’s voice gets on my nerves so much so I skip his lead songs on the Jonas Brothers cds. Could he really keep my attention, alone, for a full set?

Apparently I was the only one who was skeptical as tickets sold out so quickly during presales, the 3 of us were all forced to sit apart. Christine was in row A, Lauren row C and I was all the way in row Q (which actually was not a bad spot at all, as the theater is so tiny)

The first opening act was Mike Deleasea’s band. Mike is Kevin Jonas’s brother in law. We only caught his last song, and I was too busy looking for my ear plugs to really pay attention. (Ear plugs are a must at shows like this) The second opener was Diane Birch. She had an older sound, similar to that of Carole King, and I enjoyed her set.

Nick did a great job keeping my attention. The Administration’s album doesn’t come out until February, but he seemed to do the perfect mix of new unknown songs and remixed Jonas songs as well as covers.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t keep the attention of many of the girls in the audience once they realized that Kevin and Joe were watching the show from the side steps. While I did take a couple pictures and glance over from time to time, many of the front rows were completely turned sideways and not even looking at Nick!

Although, Nick had the last laugh when he said he wanted to have 2 people join him on stage. Kevin and Joe made their way through the crowd and got on stage and the three of them performed a really old Jonas Brothers song called “Please Be Mine” which they rarely play any more. It was a real treat to get to see that. (So far the only time his brothers have been invited on stage to play) After the song both Joe and Kevin gave Nick a big hug.

There was one really rocking song, which I have no idea what the name was, but it was during that song that I became a believer. It seems apparent that Nick can do pretty much any genre, and do it well. Which I should have known all along, because he is backed by members of Prince’s New Power Generation and I don’t think he could get musicians like that to back him, if he wasn’t the real deal.

Nick also has been trying to prove he is the funny Jonas Brother (a title mostly given to Joe) so he decided to read a joke from his joke book. “How do you keep a snake from striking?” “Pay it decent wages” I thought the joke was cute, however the girls around me BOO’ed him and said that they didn’t get it! I guess jokes about wages and unions fall flat with the 12 year old demographic.

Though the highlight of the night was a new song that he had written called “Stay” Of course, this one isn’t going to be on the new album (but hopefully it will be recorded and released soon!) Before it started he took off his button down shirt (and if the screaming by the crowd was any indication, they loved that) revealing just his white t-shirt underneath. He put so much emotion into singing the song and I just hope that he doesn’t end up ruining the Jonas Brothers like Justin Timberlake ruined NSYNC (yeah, im still bitter)

Set list and pictures under the cut.


Last Time Around
Olive and an Arrow
State of Emergency
Fireflies (Owl City Cover)
Use Somebody
Empire State of Mind/Catch Me (Covers)
Before the Storm
Black Keys
A Little Bit Longer
Please Be Mine (with Joe and Kevin)
The Way You Make Me Feel
Conspiracy Theory
Rose Garden
Who I Am


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