Yesterday we got on the road a little bit later than originally intended, but made it to NJ with time to spare. We stopped at the neighborhood McDonalds for a pit stop before driving back over to the School of Rock NJ.

We had already decided that we weren’t going to bother trying to get a “good” spot, we were going to hang in the back. (in November we tried to hang in the crowd but ended up in the back by the end of the night, so we figured we might as well start there this time)

Since we had a while to wait before Honor Society, we decided to sit on the floor to rest our legs. I decided to stay on the ground for most of the opening act, Just Kait’s set. While she was performing, Honor Society came in through a garage door and was watching Kait’s set. Mike was looking around and I saw his eyes go to the ground and he spotted me and gave me a big grin. I smiled right back.

This Honor Society show was going to be special. They had mentioned there would be a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, at least *2* new songs and some oldies as well. (The whole ride down Lauren and I were reminiscing about 2008 and listening to our old recordings to brush up on lyrics haha)

Finally, they hit the stage. They were broadcasting live, so our friend Christine was giving us a play by play of their chat and told us when they were on their way to us lol

The show was acoustic – and a special treat. We got throwbacks of No Win Situation, Heartache in the Suburbs (which I hadn’t seen performed before), The Takeover and of course our favorite – This Bed Is An Ocean – during which Mike said “I see you in the back” directed at Lauren and I. hahaha. (He was looking at us a lot and I think it was thanks to him spotting me on the floor earlier in the evening)

There were 2 new songs – Great Expectations previously sung only at soundchecks (which we had never had the privilege of attending) and When I Come Home which was so new it was not even finished yet.

The big announcement was that their next tour is going to be the HERE COMES TROUBLE TOUR. They also played that song as an encore and I don’t think I have ever seen them leave the stage and come back for an encore before.

We hung around for the M&G; line to get shorter (they did a FREE M&G; for everyone in attendance) and then went through the line. I noticed that Andy was wearing a necklace from the website that he had mentioned to Lauren and I at the Today show so I talked to him about it and said that I thought it was the one from the site when I spotted it during the show and he said I had a “good eye”. Next up was Alex, and I asked if he would put my name on the autograph and of course he did. (1 down, 3 to go haha) Then I told him that it was my cousin Britt’s 16th birthday the day before and so we took her to the show. Mike overheard and said happy birthday. I didn’t really say much to Mike or Jason – I think we were all just to exhausted to think of words for each other by that point. haha.

Overall, I think that was one of the BEST Honor Society shows I have gone to – and trust me, I have gone to a lot hahaha.

Setlist under the cut… pics and possibly videos to come sometime this weekend. (I feel like I am going to nap as soon as I get home and not bother with uploading pics, but we’ll see!)

Over You
Two Rebels
Where Are You Now
Full Moon Crazy
Great Expectations
No Win Situation
Heartache in the Suburbs
The Takeover
When I Get Home
Why Didnt I
My Own Way
This Bed Is An Ocean
Use Somebody
Don’t Close The Book
Nobody Has To Know
See U In The Dark

Here Comes Trouble

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