While there are still quite a few days left in 2009, I decided to take a look back on my goals for the year and see how I did and start thinking about some of my goals for 2010. It is too cold and I am far too busy with work (and lazy) to try and sneak any of these things in last minute lol

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Get Organized – I did make progress on this, but I wouldn’t consider it a huge success, I definitely still need to work on this.
Time Management – Did a bit better here than last year – but I really need to work on staying up late for the sake of staying up late!
Double my savings – Close but not quite. A budget I need to stick to is definitely in order for 2010.
Read at least 10 books – I read 17 and still have the 3rd in a series to read which was put on hold for NaNo. Not sure if I will get to the library before 2010 though
Watch at least 50 movies – I think I am at about 130 for the year, and am about to pop another one in. Cutting Netflix back to just 1 movie at a time in 2010 though so I imagine that number will be significantly less next year 😉
Scrapbook at least 150 pages – As of October’s pages being finished I am at 190.
Go to at least 15 concerts – I went to 15 HONOR SOCIETY concerts. And 42 shows for the year as of writing this. I also met my sub-goal of going to at least 1 concert a month.
Get all the pennies available in Connecticut – I got no new CT pennies and 2 more machines were added to the state. Definitely need to work on this in 2010.
Try digital scrapbooking – I tried it. I wasn’t a fan.
Ride my bike at least 5 mins a day – This worked out well until I got back from the rock boat. I need to re-work this goal for 2010 so I actually do it. (ie find something else to do while on the bike – reading or something)
Try new scrapbooking techniques – Used eyelets, did some flocking, but nothing really stuck. Except using ribbons… I’ve developed a fascination with ribbons.

Places to visit-

Nassau, Bahamas – Accomplished
Half Moon Cay, Bahamas – Rock Boat was unable to dock here so this didnt happen.
Keyspan Park – For the 3rd year – did NOT make it to see the Brooklyn Cyclones.
Citi Field – Got to 9 games at Citi Field
Hard Rock Cafe Miami – Didnt make it here
See NYC on a double decker bus – Still havent done this
NYC Wax Museum (to see David Wright) – Check!
DC Wax Museum – This was mainly to see Wax Jonas – which we did in NYC when they were visiting.
Newseum – Fail.
Bethesda Fountain Central Park – Fail
The Mark Twain House – Fail – but they have a penny machine now so here’s hoping I get there in 2010.
Ellis Island – Fail!
Hard Rock Cafe Nassau – Accomplished.

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