Yesterday Lauren and I added Christine to our crew for the Honor Society show in Boston. Since Andrew had mentioned to Lauren that he didn’t even have to turn around after I came through the line, he knew who was there, we were planning all day to throw him off by putting Christine in between us for the M&G.;

We got to Boston a little after 2 and parked around the corner from the Paradise Rock Club. The line was a bit longer than it was when we got there over the summer for their Full Moon Crazy show. We went to Qdoba for lunch and then got in line.

Lauren and I decided to go into Goodwill to see if they had folding chairs for sale and they did so we bought a pair of them. The plan is to puff paint them and make them our official Honor Society waiting chairs lol

We sat around and joked about what we would do if Alex forgot my drumstick and then we all decided to tweet him to remind him.

I had gotten a flip camera last week so Christine and Lauren went to the front of the line to interview some people for a video for our fansite. Shortly after the gents arrived and got on the bus, they were leaning out the windows so Lauren and Christine went to the bus to document while I held down our spot in the line.

Then we waited and waited and waited for doors to open. While we were waiting they announced there was only 2 tickets left. A few minutes later the show sold out making it Honor Society’s 5th sold out show in a row.

A little after 6 we were let in. Christine and I went to grab a spot and Lauren was put on merch duty. We were also given pears for the “Snackin On a Pear” music video they were recording so Christine and I decorated our pears and ourselves with glo-sticks while we waited for Lauren to come back with our M&G; wristbands.

The gents came out and did snackin’ on a pear a few times and then it was a wrap! We thought Esmee Denters would be out next, but it was some girl from TX who sang 4 songs too many and kept calling them “The Honor Society”

Esmee didn’t come out until about 8. So much for her playing at 7! She did her usual set and then it was time to wait for the gents to come out! The crowd (99% with X’s on their hands) kept surging forward so they kept getting told to move back.

The setlist was the same as New York, except THEY BROUGHT BACK THIS BED IS AN OCEAN!! This is one of their old songs that didn’t make it to the Fashionably Late album, but was Lauren’s favorite song. (HSLive used to be called “Far From Shore” which is a line from that song) This was even MORE awesome for us because Lauren, HSLive and a couple other twitter fan friends had spearheaded a campaign to #BringBackThisBedIsAnOcean on twitter the night before!!

After See U In The Dark, we thought that Andy was pointing to us, but we weren’t sure if he could see us or not so we just kind of looked at each other confused.

Once the show ended, we met Esmee Denters and then got in line for the Honor Society M&G.; It was a signing and Christine kept going back and forth telling us what order they were in while they tried to calm me down because I was trying to NOT get my hopes up over Alex remembering a drumstick for me.

They sent me through the line first, so incase there was no drumstick, both Christine and Lauren would have a chance to yell at Alex. Andy was first, and I asked him if he had a pick for me. He made a face and felt in his pocket and said No, made a sad face and then said “I failed you again” Then he was saying how he saw us during the show and was pointing at us and we had no reaction and we said how we thought he was pointing to us but didn’t know if he could actually see us. And he was like “I SAW YOU!” Meanwhile, I hear Lauren making funny noises and I turn towards Alex and see him putting something behind his back…

Mike was next and we just said hello and that everything was going good. Then it was Alex who had the drumstick out in front of him at this point. I said thanks and asked him if he remembered himself or if Kat reminded him and he was like “no I remembered! and i told Kat.. we have to do this.” Then I told him I was glad he remembered because if not I might have burst into tears and he was like “NO! I remembered” 🙂

Next was Jason and I told him that our friend Ashley from Syracuse said hi. His eyes lit up and he was like “OH! Tell her I said hi!” and then I told him it was my 20th show so he gave me a high five and said he would see me at #21. Then Lauren came up and told him Ashley said hi and he said “So I’ve heard from multiple sources! Tell her I miss her and I will see her soon” And then Christine was like “Oh, if you didn’t hear, Ashley said hi!”

Then I went to leave and I think Lauren and Christine were still talking to Jason. and I hugged my drumstick all the way back to the car. And then I almost poked myself in the eye with it when I was trying to get my shoe off in the car LOL And I almost poked myself in the eye with it again when I was leaving Christine’s car and getting into Lauren’s. I guess I am just prone to being poked in the eye at Honor Society shows now.

Also – at one point during the show Alex flipped his drumstick but caught it backwards. I kept trying to show Christine and Lauren what he did (because I was cracking up when I saw it) and finally when we got to the car I was able to give a legit demonstration with my drumstick! 🙂


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