One of my goals for this year was to get more organized. Being at work all day during the week often leads to everything at home being a mess. To try and narrow down what to do each weekend, on Thursday or Friday I make myself a to-do list.

Usually it is a digital list and I strike through when I complete something. If its particularly long I will sometimes write it out – it makes it a bit more satisfying when you actually cross it off a physical list.

This weekend my to-do list has 22 items on it. As of the writing of this blog at about 1pm, I’ve done 5 of the items.

Once the movie I am watching ends (any minute now) I’ll get the laundry started and either work on some Honor Society stuff on the computer, or work on some scrapbooking. I’m not sure!

With any luck, by Monday morning there will only be a couple items left on the list. (And I’m willing to bet they will be the ones that involve cleaning my room… those are always the ones that are left…)

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